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We appreciate all the loyal readers who engage with us on a monthly basis. As Howler is soon entering our 27th year of publishing, we are grateful to our readership and for the support of our advertisers who have made it possible for us to grow and reach out to a much broader worldwide audience. 


Howler’s topics about Costa Rica are very broad and reach sectors including tourism, culture and arts, surfing, health and wellness, and business. I get personal messages every day from people who have enjoyed and learned a lot from our contributors. In fact, a few years ago we were contacted by a Tica who said she has learned more about her own country by reading Howler articles than from her education. This is such a complement to the writers and Howler staff.


Many have asked us if we will go into print again. Well, years ago I was told that print will go away one day. I laughed and said it will always remain. But I found that print was getting more and more difficult to deal with. The supply chains, cost of fuel for delivery, and significant production costs made it increasingly difficult to sustain. This actually turned out to be a blessing for us. 


Addressing the issue of print very early on in 2020, we made the decision to go digital. I am in touch with many major publishers worldwide discussing digital publications and missing out on the print. It became very evident that in order to reach the masses we had to adjust our way of thinking and production. It is not possible to reach the masses with print. The costs and logistics are too challenging. 


I know that over the past 27 years, many readers have kept all the publications that have been printed. It is an honor to be in the club of the collected!


As we grow we seek to cover the most interesting things in Costa Rica. With this in mind, we are looking to showcase your experiences in Costa Rica. All of us have experienced many different aspects of traveling here or living here. Tell us about yours!


The Howler used to be considered a Guanacaste publication and was initially confined mostly to Tamarindo. Growing up has had its challenges and rewards. With the maturity of the Howler, we strive to shine the best light on Costa Rica. We cover the country and surrounding neighbors. This region of the world is truly something to experience.


Many people pack up and arrive in Costa Rica to live. Ta da! We are here … now what? Did you do your due diligence, or are you just winging it?


Tell us!


  • What have your experiences been like? 
  • Did you discover a great adventure to share?
  • Have you succeeded in dealing with the difficult nature of business here? 
  • What have you done to live peacefully and grow?
  • What has education been like for your children? How do the schools rate?
  • Your experience with buying a property?
  • Traffic and police?
  • The legal system?
  • Adjusting to the dollar devaluation? Are you cutting back on anything?
  • Do you have rental property?
  • Have you ever had to evict a tenant?


Sharing your experiences helps others. Become a storyteller and let us publish what you share with Howler readers.


Storytelling establishes common ground and empathy.

Sharing your story has the potential to help someone else feel less alone. Our stories are powerful because they evoke compassion, even among strangers. We also create opportunities to understand others better and cultivate empathy toward them.


Your experiences matter. Why is it important to share them with others?


A UK study by Lambert et al found that verbalizing happiness increased and sustained the well-being of participants — well beyond that of simply having the experience. Shared experiences encourage us to become more aware, and more mindful of ourselves and our feelings.

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