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Searching for the ultimate Bohemian surf town in Costa Rica – it’s like trying to find the perfect wave: elusive, thrilling, and a bit of a mystical quest. But fear not, intrepid travelers and surf aficionados, for Costa Rica is peppered with hidden gems that tick all the boxes of coolness, remoteness, and greatness. Let’s ride the wave of discovery to uncover what makes these spots not just good, but ‘hang-ten’ great!


First up, let’s talk about the vibe. These towns aren’t just surfing spots; they’re a state of mind. Picture this: you’re strolling down a sandy path, surfboard under arm, and every person you pass gives you a nod that says, “Yeah, I get it.” It’s a place where time is measured in tides rather than ticks of a clock, and where the dress code strictly enforces a ‘no shoes, no shirt, no problem’ policy.


One such town that’s been riding the wave of popularity while somehow managing to keep its cool is Montezuma. Tucked away on the Nicoya Peninsula, this town is a cocktail of international travelers, yoga enthusiasts, and artists, all mixed together with a distinctly Tico twist. It’s like someone took a slice of Bohemian life and dropped it into the jungle by the sea. 


What makes Montezuma truly great is its ability to maintain its laid-back charm despite its growing popularity. Sure, you might bump into a yoga retreat or a boutique hotel, but the essence of Montezuma remains untamed and authentically quirky. It’s a place where howler monkeys provide the morning wake-up call and where the beach is a canvas for spectacular sunset shows.


Then there’s Santa Teresa, a once-sleepy fishing village turned surfers’ paradise. This town is the embodiment of ‘Pura Vida’ with a side of ‘surf’s up’. It’s got a magnetic pull that attracts wave-chasers from around the globe, and yet, it manages to stay under the radar, keeping its cool like a local hanging ten on a perfect break. 


What sets Santa Teresa apart is its seamless blend of rustic charm and chic, international flair. Think smoothie bowls and organic cafes sitting comfortably alongside traditional sodas (local eateries). It’s where you can get a world-class espresso before paddling out to catch some world-class waves.


In these towns, growth and popularity haven’t overshadowed their greatness. Instead, they’ve added layers to their character – a new cafe here, an art gallery there – while preserving the essence of what makes them special: the laid-back, Bohemian spirit that says, “Life’s a beach, and we’re just playing in the sand.”


So, is the Bohemian surf town in Costa Rica still a great place? Absolutely. It’s like finding that secret surf spot: off the beaten path, a little bit mystical, and always, always worth the journey.

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