QCOSTARICA – As Semana Santa (Holy Week) gets into full swing after today, Wednesday,  one of the favorite destinations by many is the beach. And driving or parking on the beach a ‘normal’ activity for some.

At the beginning holiday, Traffic Authorities warned drivers that motor vehicles on the beaches will not be tolerated and drivers will incur a fine of ¢62,000 colones, plus costs.

The only exceptions only apply in case of emergency or with the authorization of Traffic Authorities; to enter or remove boats or to remove fishing gear, with the proper permits.

“There are no reasons to introduce a vehicle to the beach, except for very specific cases. This conduct is reckless and creates a risk, even for the vehicles themselves if they get stuck and the tide rises. In addition, it represents a high risk to the physical integrity of the people who are in the place and who, with good reason, trust themselves to be able to lie down on the sand, sleep, eat, rest, play without fear that they may be victims of being run over. These areas, in the dry season, are full of bathers, including children, the elderly and, as said, people focused on having fun and resting,” said Alexander Solano, director of the Traffic Police.

The practice can be reported to 9-1-1.

Likewise, Solano recommend not using the areas where boats enter or leave the water or where boats arrive to drop off or pick up people who are going on a tour, but rather at a prudent distance from this specific point.

Another problem being tackled by the Traffic Police is the practice of drivers with their pets on their legs, arms, shoulders or on their heads.

The Traffic Law does not establish any regulations regarding how pets should travel, but it does warn about the prohibition that the animal can distract the driver.

“We know that puppies love to get the air through the window, but they could jump out of the car and die, and their fall could cause the driver to lose control of the car or hit a pole, for example,” added Solano, who added that it is not recommended that the pet travel loose, especially not in the front seat.

To avoid an accident, the pet “must be attached to a special device for them, something similar to one used for minor children.”

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