Are we in control? Or are we on a train that will stop where and whenever it wants? 

Sometimes it seems we are not in control of our destiny. But we are. Even though it does not seem that way, we do command our own destiny.

We have choices in how we move forward and who we associate with. Last month I wrote about followers or leaders. That is such an important topic. If you are following, make sure that the train has a stop button so you can control your life. What others do and say can be important, but it’s up to you how you deal and respond to it; that defines you. 

News reports overwhelm us with the sense of having no control over unprecedented circumstances. Yet you do have a choice: turn off the news and learn new things. Live life and create something. Write something, plan and invent life on your terms.

Taking control of your life is important. We are all born with a will to survive and create. Many people have found innovative solutions for survival, and go on living in a new way. Entrepreneurship is prevalent, and largely accounts for advances that have moved us forward.

Just over the past year we have witnessed some remarkable examples: many more electric vehicles, medical advancements and even future space travel. Substitutes for plastics have emerged that are fully biodegradable in a short period of time. 

You can drop out of life, but where will you go? Opening eyes to opportunity can open doors that in the past may not have been readily apparent

What we put out is what we get back. This is relevant to our personal and business lives, and also in our own environment. Good vibes and positive outputs give back positive responses. Negativity cannot survive in a positive atmosphere. Put out trash and you get trash back. Our beaches, like our lives, are exactly like that. Throw it away and watch for it to wash back up again. Good vibes are like a ripple that creates a tsunami. Get hit by a tsunami of good vibes and kindness, and watch it spread. 

We need to take control of our own lives, while also making sure what we are putting out has a positive effect on those around us. Smile at someone; even with a mask on you can see a smile reflected through the glimmer of that person’s eyes in response. 

Reach out and help those who are having troubles. Your acts of kindness might be what puts those floundering back on a path to succeed. A helping hand is not charity; it is humanity.

We are not in control of the spinning world, but we are in control of how we function within. Make a difference in your life and in others. Kind words and a smile go a long way.

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