Be Accountable to Yourself

Bienvenido March! Let’s breathe and feel the good vibes of a new beginning. I hope you had the chance to create the self-exploration journal I recommended in the February Howler article Feel Good From the Inside Out, if not, you can do it anytime. The magic of coaching embraces the idea that there is no correct time to start your action plan. Whenever you start is the right time. 


The journal was an exercise to help you understand how you are currently handling your health and your daily routines. It gives you clues about what is working for you and where adjustments are needed. This month, we will work on getting better: how to strive and how to succeed. As business owners, we need to stay focused and productive.


Where to start?


Think about what will make you happier. In the end, if you are happy, you will have positive results.  


Maybe it is waking up earlier because you want to start going to the gym. Waking up 30 minutes or an hour earlier each weekday will give you the time you need for the gym in the morning or after work — whenever suits you. Or maybe you need those 30 minutes to prepare a healthier lunch for you and your family. 


Those are just examples. There are thousands of small adjustments you can make to your routine that will help you bring a more positive attitude.


Choose the new habit


Those routine adjustments are new habits. New habits can take time to become part of our lifestyle. If you want to retain a new habit, try your best to adopt it for 21 days.

Let’s take the example of waking up earlier to go to the gym. I am more than sure there will be times when you feel that you can’t get out of bed. Try hard; push yourself and wake up. Every time you wake up earlier, your body and your brain will record it. Within days, you will see that waking up becomes more comfortable. Between three weeks and a month, your body will be in the habit of waking up at that time. Then you can say it is part of your routine. 


The results


Finishing your goals gives you satisfaction. Consequently, you feel emotionally positive and more vital to focus on your work duties.


My advice is to work on one or two adjustments at a time. Adding new habits can be overwhelming, so be gentle with yourself. Remember that the goal is to be happy and productive. 


Besides adding new positive and healthy habits, you can favorably enhance your routine by focusing on your strengths.


We were created equal, but we are not the same. Even twins can be physically identical but have different personalities. I have a straightforward exercise that will elevate your spirit. Get a paper and write all your strengths. There are more than a hundred, but I can help you with this alphabetical list:









Forgiveness and mercy










Love of earning








Social intelligence




Focus on 10 strengths from your list. Keep that short list handy. Whenever you feel confused, lack confidence or have negative thoughts, go to your strengths list for a reminder of how amazing you are!


Contact me if you need a guide and support to start new habits: and follow my Instagram @Movimiento Sattva.


Stay happy and healthy!

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