John Quam Editor in Chief Howler Magazine Costa Rica

Being involved with causes in our community draws us together.It hits my heart to see an animal in distress, so I have had some personal involvement with animal rescue efforts.A few people have referred to me as Doctor Dolittle, which just makes me chuckle.

So many others who help with animal rescues are unsung heroes.Dawn Scott in Flamingo Beach, who we sadly lost last year, was instrumental in many programs that trained people in the area to care for their pets and treat them with love and kindness as members of the family.Champions who have stepped forward to help fill Dawn’ s big shoes include those in groups such as Barbara’ s Animal Friendship Center.There are many others who work tirelessly and immerse themselves in the care of animals in need.

We also have a dedicated community of veterinarians with big hearts and a giving spirit.I personally want to thank Dr.Cavallini for caring so much and helping me with Bean, a dog I rescued and wrote about in the August 2016 Howler.I still think about this sweet dog.Please support our veterinarians.They give back so much that remains unseen, yet still have to maintain a business.Never take for granted their efforts, or forget that money makes the world go round.Supporting them requires patronizing their businesses.

Many volunteers worked hard putting together the Dog Day Afternoon fundraising event last month at Lucy’ s in Brasilito.Special thanks to Pam Graham for all her efforts.Many individuals and businesses came to the table with auction items and prizes they donated to make this fundraiser a success.I want to thank the organizers and Lucy’ s as well as those on the list of sponsors below.I encourage you to also support these angels of animals.

Dog Day Afternoon was well attended and raised much – needed resources to assist Barbara with her ongoing animal rescue efforts. Of course, this money goes a long way, but is never enough to meet the needs of vulnerable animals indefinitely.Supporters of annual events tend to forget that these groups need continual support all year long.

I have written about this subject more than once, and it never gets old.The caring nature of our animal heroes is amazing and their efforts never stop.It’ s a night and day process that repeats itself with new challenges.Countless animals are being discarded all the time: kittens dumped with no mother to feed them, dogs in distress from tick fever or malnutrition, and all manner of wildlife from birds and snakes to howler monkeys and other wonderful creatures.

Thank you for supporting our community and not forgetting those creatures that have no voice.Please continue all year long to make sure this effort never ends.