Community Event – GuanaCrece Skateboard Contest in Villareal

Community Event – GuanaCrece Skateboard Contest in Villareal

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Skateboarders from all over the country competed in the 1st Annual GuanaCrece Villarreal Skateboard Contest on June 24. Adults, families and children of all ages enjoyed music, refreshments and demonstrations in addition to the gnarly skateboard action taking place! More than 100 people attended the event, with Music by Mato’s providing DJd entertainment. Of course, skateboarder prizes were the highlight, thanks to the generous donations from local area businesses.

GuanaCrece is a newly formed organization headed by Tamarindo’s Carlos Gomez, who loves Guanacaste as much as his skateboard. He’s planning competitions in local skate parks around the region to support local skateboarders and communities, and to give local children exciting and positive events to look forward to. To support this cause, contact