Sun Real Estate always offers you the best-dreamed horse farmland close to Monteverde, Costa Rica. This amazing farm is very beautiful and calm. It is located in a small town named Guacimal which is 20 km from Monteverde. Here you will have enough space to build and do everything according to your wishes. Even though it’s not far from the main beaches of the country, its high altitude lets you appreciate a wonderful view from the ocean of Puntarenas and the Gulf of Nicoya. The 505 acres of the huge dream horse farmland close to Monteverde are for sale.

In addition to the ocean views, you will also appreciate a wonderfully wide and long view of the valley and part of the tropical forest of Costa Rica. In fact, at the highest point of this beautiful horse farmland, you have a 360 view of the whole country and its huge oceans. Imagine living in a beautiful house self-built in which the only thing you hear is birds and what you see is a soft image of the gentle hills of Costa Rica. All of this is possible with Sun Real Estate, contact us to get your dream horse farmland.

As mentioned before, the huge dream horse farmland is located in Guacimal of Puntarenas, 20 km before Monteverde. The exact location is 17 km north of the Inter-American Highway (Route 1).  The road access is completely paved to the property.  The main entrance of the beautiful dream horse mountain farmland is 300 meters from the asphalted main tourist route to Monteverde. This area of Costa Rica has many different climates throughout the year. In the summer it is very sunny but not as hot as in the gold coast region.

We are talking about 505 acres hectares of huge dream horse farmland in the beautiful mountainous landscapes of Monteverde Costa Rica that are for sale and could be yours.  This land is very beautiful and offers a lot of good features for the owner. You can do whatever you want once you are the owner of this land. Monteverde is very beautiful and is visited by locals and foreign tourists. Here, as an idea, you can make a huge hotel with a restaurant and offer different tours like trail walking or horseback riding around the farm. We will be happy to show the buyer our mother farm, and he can choose his part with a direct connection to the public road in terms of size and location by mutual agreement.

Residential community Project Opportunity

The newest update for the possible future has come to the surface. There is a public interest letter from the municipality council of Guacimal in making a residential community project with over 100 properties. There are construction permissions for building in 20% of the whole 505-acre farm or 205 ha, which means, that is a lot of construction This opportunity is ready to launch and start.

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