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This issue is about Costa Rican culture beyond “pura vida”. This country is not just about the beach and the natural wonders. The National Theater is a wonderful place to get your fix of the arts. This in itself is well worth a visit to San Jose, beyond Price Smart. Spend some time and get your culture on.

We are also showcasing the annual pilgrimage to the Basilica in Cartago. This is one of the largest pilgrimages in the Americas. Not only is it a religious experience for some but a huge party for the masses as well. Celebration is an important part of the lifestyle here, and we all should experience and partake in all aspects that present themselves. Mix with the locals, who are wonderful, and invite all with friendliness.

A couple months ago, we shined light on the issue surrounding the Leatherback turtle population in our area. I wrote that we have a duty to shine lights and inform the public of issues that affect us and the world we are charged with as stewards. Media in a democracy has a duty to shine that light and bring awareness to the surface so to speak.

Over the next year, we plan to have some very interesting articles that will be looked at favorably by some and with possible disdain by others. Please stay tuned and feel free to comment. Let us know what you think in letters or emails that will possibly be published. Your comments and insight will make this publication better.

“After one look at this planet any visitor from outer space would say,
“I want to see the Manager.”

William S. Burroughs

The first-year anniversary of my purchase of The Howler from David Mills is here already. At first I thought, “Huh, a magazine…cool. This is a no brainer.” Well let me tell you! I learned fast of the moving parts and many intricacies of a publication.

Thank you, readers for your support and kind comments as we moved forward. I would like to draw attention to the quality writers that have really enhanced this publication and make our magazine one that is kept and shared by the community and tourists alike. Our quality advertisers are showcasing their goods and services in a light that is professional and draws serious consumers.

The beginning of my journey was a very bumpy ride. I envisioned a specific look and quality publication when taking on this endeavor. Late last year, I welcomed Marty Svoboda to join me as a partner. He has brought great energy and input that has elevated the quality to a level that is getting attention.

Our website is being developed and we have a lot in store.

John Quam
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