Editorial – New New Howl

Editorial – New New Howl

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“NEW YEAR” 2017” A fresh start, a new beginning. 365 days of opportunity exist
for us to grab onto and do all we can.
Some make resolutions to make changes, some go with the flow as they say here “Pura Vida”.
We all have our own methods of dealing with life and all that it offers. As you reflect over the past
year, smile at the good things, don’t repeat the bad and remember peace is what we strive for in
our corner of the world we call paradise. Do what you love and be around the people that build you
up. It makes those that try to tear you down insignificant.
Take a moment and think about your friends, also remember those we lost, both people and
pets, send up a thought or prayer for them in their name.
Costa Rica is a great place to live and enjoy, the opportunities are endless. This is truly the wild
frontier. Opening our eyes to opportunities. Doing what we love makes this area thrive, and a very
interesting place for the people that live here, and those coming here to experience what we now
might take for granted. It always amazes me the creative people that I meet all around especially
at the Farmers Markets; Tamarindo on Saturday mornings and La Paz School on Wednesday
afternoons. These people are doing what they love and really add to our community.
The tourist season this year is going to be very busy. By all the indications of the airline and
hotel bookings, we will be inundated with people from all over the world wanting to experience the
beauty, culture and lifestyle of Costa Rica.
We finally launched our new improved website. Now read your favorite
articles online, then like and share! We have many exciting plans for both the online and printed
magazine. We hope you are noticing the changes thus far and are enjoying them. You may have
noticed this month “January/Feb” on the cover. This has been done because working on a time line
schedule in Costa Rica that is not inherently strict on timing (mañana). This change will allowing
us some flexibility to make sure our clients content and messages are not cut due to a delay in
Feel free to contact us and let us know what you like and what you’d like to see for the Howler
Magazine. We are dedicated to help our community prosper.

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