Entrepreneur Costa Rica: Your Business and Your Health.  If you came to Costa Rica with dreams of a new lifestyle, new experiences and a new business venture, well, then … you are already an entrepreneur in life.

For anyone first arriving in a foreign country with unfamiliar laws, culture, people and food, this scenario can be exciting but at the same time pretty exhausting. If, in addition, you want to open a new business, then it is important to think about your integrity and your health.

I worked for a decade in the hospitality and travel industry. This gave me guidelines, responsibilities and plenty of opportunities to grow in my professional experience. But all these came with a lot of personal stress that adversely affected my health. I suffered from many gastroenteritis-related conditions, which ultimately led me to certify as a health coach.

Think about your favorite cake and how you
might drive a long way just to buy a piece.


My certification training required me to pay attention to what my mind and body were telling me. Along the way, there were “aha moments” that gave me total clarity and understanding about the health challenges in my life.

Based on what I’ve learned, these are some insights to help you enjoy success and good health in your new business and lifestyle. Applying three major entrepreneurial concepts in all areas of your life is good for wellness as well as business.

1. Uniqueness

Differences in self-concept, values and experiences make us totally unique from one another. It is important to know who we are, and what we want, and to not let others interfere with our beliefs. When you are true to yourself, you are authentic; this makes you centered and in balance.

The same is true in your business. You start by investigating and working through a plan to have a business that offers an authentic product or service for a specific target market. You should strive to exceed your clients’ expectations. They will stay with you as you represent that unique difference in the market.

2. Consistency

It is important that your service or product stays essentially the same over time, even with appropriate improvements. Think about your favorite cake and how you might drive a long way just to buy a piece. That is the type of desire and expectation you need to generate in your clients’ minds.

Apply the same tried-and-true principles of consistency to your health. When you find something that works for you with excellent results, you need to continue with it. For example, drinking less coffee and jogging four times a week might improve your energy and focus, so maintaining these practices will surely help you enjoy better long-term health.

3. Creativity and open mind

There may be times when we feel out of control and overwhelmed, perhaps when we have more work than we can manage. That’s the right time to be creative and make a plan. This will give you flexibility in finding the right kind of help. It may be another person who can add positive energy to your business. For example, if you are spending more time than intended creating your web page, look for a professional designer to do the job.

Take the same approach in your personal life, whenever you feel anxious or emotionally distracted. Many health problems are directly connected with anxious episodes. In those moments, we need to be creative and find a temporary escape outlet — a walk in nature, a relaxing massage, or maybe even meeting friends for a drink (yep … that’s also part of being healthy!). Be open-minded and let those feelings fade by giving yourself time and permission to relax.

I hope you will think of these concepts as your free pass to a rewarding business experience and well-balanced lifestyle promoting body and mind health.

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