More Than Just a Place To Stay: Ask What Else Your Vacation Rental Can Offer. Vacation rentals worldwide are almost always an independent experience, involving an arm’s length relationship between property owners or managers and their rental clients. Typically, as a renter you get written instructions electronically, a code for the door and maybe a helpful notebook inside with a few tips on how to find your way around in the area. But in Costa Rica, and certainly in the Guanacaste area, you can get so much more.

I’m referring to those individual owners of vacation rental properties here who are excited and in love with the adventurous lifestyle. They are tickled pink to share their enthusiasm with you in the form of personal recommendations: places to eat and shop and endless options for things to see and do. Many are more than happy to share some of these meals and excursions with you.

This can even apply when the vacation home owners are not present themselves in the area full-time or often. The individuals or property management company handling rentals in their absence are also enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and helping you have a great Costa Rica vacation. They all have their favorite activities and tour guides and are prepared to get you set up.

Beyond expectations

Everything you imagined Costa Rica could offer, it does, and more. In Guanacaste that includes lots of water activities, not just in the ocean but also at rivers, lakes and waterfalls. On the beaches you can enjoy everything from horseback riding and observing sea turtles to napping under a cabana. Jungle activities include hiking, motorized excursions and ziplining, to name a few. The mountains offer spectacular places for birdwatching, volcano exploration and breathtaking views to discover. Tours of Nicaragua are a nearby border crossing away, while visits to family farms, artisan cooperatives, coffee plantations and wildlife refuges are among the many other options for adventure-filled days.   

Even before you arrive at your vacation rental home, pre-arrangements can be made for services like grocery shopping, meals delivered to your doorstep or even prepared in your own kitchen, massages, babysitting, and almost anything else you could want.

It can be as simple as asking your vacation rental owner or manager for ideas and recommendations. If you already have specific activities and services in mind ahead of time, that’s even better. Just ask. Here in Costa Rica, we are ready to help take care of all your needs as our vacation rental guest.