Costa Rica is a very welcoming country. This is reflected in its commitment to advancing diversity-related social issues. Costa Rica’s inclusiveness in recognizing diversely different citizens as productive and effective members of society made global news headlines in proclaiming that same-sex marriages would be legal effective May 26, 2020. This is a huge milestone for Central America and for the world.

Howler is launching a new magazine section called WE are ID (WE are Inclusive of Diversity).
As the name suggests, it will promote diversity and embrace all members of the communities where Howler has a mutually supportive presence.

Treat all people with the same respect you would want.

Many interpretations of diversity are confined to the LGBTQ community. There is no question sexual orientation is a big part of what diversity means to people. But it also encompasses race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious and political beliefs, and other ideologies. The distinctions within and between these groups of people are superseded by what they have in common as human beings sharing our planet. There is no justification for shunning, laughing at, ignoring or treating any individuals or groups as outcasts.

But there is a need for greater awareness in this regard. Education can bring diversity issues to the forefront and begins to break down the walls that separate. It can bring about inclusion and acceptance instead. Rather than focus on differences as a negative, view them as strengths that add more flavor and color to our lives. Allowing uniqueness in the ways that individuals contribute will benefit the common good.

Diversity is not a handicap or obstacle to society as a whole. It is the foundation of what makes our world a better place and allows for different perspectives. Diversity of cultures and subcultures, and the experiences they generate, are what makes our lives beautiful, vibrant and interesting. Imagine a world with all like-minded and otherwise similar people. It would be very boring.

Costa Rica has welcomed many immigrants from neighbouring countries who have been persecuted and unable to express themselves in their homeland. Many have become prosperous and highly contributing members to Costa Rica.

The Howler will be featuring many relevant diversity topics in its We are ID section. We want to shine a light on the issues that people face on a daily basis when there are barriers to inclusiveness. We wish to highlight efforts that promote diversity within our community. We hope to maintain a business-focused angle that identifies, showcases and promotes human diversity and inclusiveness in Costa Rica.

Your participation within the WE are ID section and contributions are welcome. We encourage everyone to be kind to each other. Treat all people with the same respect you would want.

With the hope of being in the final months of pandemic lockdowns worldwide, changes in attitudes are sure to emerge. It’s an unprecedented chance to get acquainted and reacquainted with the world in this new era. The time we have been forced to spend apart, hopefully, will create an awareness of the need to work together to live well.

Howler welcomes you to WE are ID.

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