Can you imagine living during the Depression and going to your only entertainment venue, the movies and watch an exciting film about some country far away before the feature?

  Before televisions, very little radio, and no travel brochures, millions of people had the opportunity to dream of traveling through TravelTalks. It was the first introduction to other parts of the world during the 30’s and 40’s before television began.

James Anthony FitzPatrick was the “Voice of the Globe”. In 1930, FitzPatrick started making travel documentaries for people in Britain and America.

The movie company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer showed his films and called them FitzPatrick Traveltalks.

Starting from 1934, the Traveltalks were filmed in Technicolor. This was one of the first times color films were made in America. FitzPatrick stopped working with MGM in 1954, but he still made a similar series for Paramount Pictures called Vistavision Visits for one more year before he retired.

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