Entrepreneur Costa Rica: Time Management = Wellness Management.   Pura vida! Who doesn’t feel good about that Costa Rican phrase and want to fully embrace it?

Living in this country has been enjoyable and exciting for me, as I know it has been for countless others. Exposure to nature and beaches — and as much or as little heat and rain as we are comfortable with — contributes value to the kind of high-quality life we have sought here. Even when some consumer goods and services may be harder to find, it is easy to appreciate the lack of big city traffic and pollution we might have left behind in our previous place of residence. Few could disagree that there is an equilibrium in the Costa Rican lifestyle.

If pura vida finds you in laid-back mode for all the right reasons, there may be days when the pull of the beach is so compelling that you might actually forget you have a business to run. This can be a warning sign of the need for attention to the work-and-play balance in your life. But it does not mean one must come at the expense of the other, with inevitable sacrifices.

Start with an easier goal
or the one that motivates
you the most.


Instead, Costa Rica is a place where time management can be redefined in friendlier new ways. You still have the same 24 hours to allocate each day, but pura vida is an incentive to use that time efficiently. Let’s talk about the possibility of doing everything you are excited about doing here, every day.

Keep your focus

It is essential to keep your objectives clear. Your business must have a vision and mission; stick with these, and it will stay stronger and more prosperous.

On the personal side, focus on one or two objectives until you accomplish them. You might want to start a new diet, running and waking up earlier, or add meditation to your routine. But attempting all of these at the same time will likely make you frustrated sooner than later. So start with an easier goal or the one that motivates you the most.

Take action

Every objective needs an action plan. To take advantage of your available time, you need an agenda. There are two kinds of people: those with a program and those who go with the flow. Well, good news — you can be both! Either way, having an agenda helps you plan actions for each day, each week and each month. It gives you the big picture of when you devote time for your business and time for yourself.

Follow steps

Every action has steps. These are the pieces of the big puzzle, your objective. For example, you need to get clients for the new product you have launched. Break into steps how you will accomplish this action through product exposure and potential client communication.

Another example: you want to run in a race and are developing a training plan. You determine your training methods, the frequency and duration of training sessions and what you must eat to get stronger.

In these examples, and for any set of action steps, you need to determine the “when” for each one.

Set priorities

To manage your time efficiently, always start with a “must do” list. I tell my clients to make a list of the most important things they need to do today, this week and this month.

Ask yourself, what are those things that could make my plan fail if I don’t take care of them on time? Be very honest with yourself and then do it!

For instance, don’t keep suffering from headaches when you know it’s time for an updated glasses prescription (which, by the way, happened to me!). Be very honest with yourself when setting each priority and then DO IT!

As a health coach, I emphasize that it’s essential for your agenda to include healthy home cooking, physical activity and sleep, as well as time for relaxing and self-care. To master time management, your wellness program must be integrated with your business plan. Always be available for your personal goals.

Remember that not all projects are planned correctly, and even if they are, unexpected obstacles can arise. If one of your action plan steps doesn’t get the right results, then it’s the time to go with the flow. Get your feet on the beach and relax. Then redo your plan tomorrow.


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