Cómo están ustedes? I am now making your brain work out as you read! In this article, I offer tips for keeping your mind in good shape. Optimal brain performance is not only essential in your work but to feel well and live well overall.

Your brain is one of the most critical organs in the body. It is responsible for motor and sensory functions, heart and breathing regulation and much more. This “big fellow” inside your head really is worth looking at more closely for big improvements that may be possible.

Drinking coffee can have a positive effect
on your cognitive functions
because it is rich in antioxidants.

As an integrative nutrition health coach, my suggestions to clients cover five areas.

1. Nutrition

You are welcome, coffee lovers! Yes, drinking coffee can have a positive effect on your cognitive functions because it is rich in antioxidants.

Just don’t rush for that next cup of coffee yet, though. Sorry, but there’s a downside: having more than two cups can have a negative effect on cognition.

If you have a sweet tooth, go for dark chocolate. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects can help your cognitive performance.

Add to your shopping list flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, salmon and sardines, among other sources of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. That is because more than half of your brain is made up of fat.

What to avoid: Trans fat-rich fried snacks, refined sugars and alcohol are on tonight’s taboo list for entrepreneurs and others needing to be mentally sharp for tomorrow’s important meeting or presentation. These foods not only contribute to cognitive decline but also poor memory and reduced brain volume. Go for some nuts and green tea instead!

2. Physical activity

Get yourself moving. Cardiovascular exercises can help your brain to maintain its efficiency. Cardio delivers blood faster to all parts of your body, including the brain. With that comes a boost in oxygen, which plays a key role in the brain’s function.

Dancing for brain optimization has the bonus benefit of requiring coordination to keep it working. So don’t get frustrated trying to keep up with hip hop choreography; think about the good it is doing to your mind.

It may seem counterintuitive that sleep would do our brains much good with so much less body movement. Yet sleep is critically important to brain health. Those hours of physical relaxation have a restorative effect that improves cognitive functions and memory. Investigators recently have been interested in the brain’s “housekeeping role” in removing toxins that build up while we are awake.

3. Daily routines

Maintaining an organized structure and daily routine keeps your brain awake. It means that you are following actions correctly and that your memory is working. 

Fun fact: from time to time, change part of your routine so your brain wakes up and takes notice. Take a different road to the supermarket or fasten your watch upside down. Your mind will make an effort to pay attention and wonder.   

A wondering mind increases creativity and problem-solving.

4. Meditation and mindfulness

These two practices can give your mind the break it needs for detox, and rest. The brain creates several substances necessary to function correctly. As stated earlier, it bears a major share of responsibilities for the body’s healthy functioning. Meditation or mindfulness practice can help allow this vital organ time to regulate itself and continue working properly. Ten minutes of meditation, twice a day. can make a difference. I encourage anyone who hasn’t tried this to do so.

5. Last but not least

Hydration. Your body without water can make your mind distracted and unfocused. It’s just one more good reason to keep yourself hydrated.

Laugh. LOL. Go and watch funny cat videos. My kid loves them (So do lots of adults). Laughter is linked with good mental health.

Handwriting. Don’t use your smartphone and apps all the time for your to-do lists. Writing your grocery list by hand can help improve your cognitive skills.

Sudokus and crosswords. Keep your brain active, learning and focused. I guess I will start with these.

Aprende Español en Costa Rica. Learning a second language enhances your brain’s integrity and creates more cells. It is a long explanation, but I encourage you to take advantage of learning a new language to keep the mind more significant.

There are many other ways to keep you learning, memorizing, and remembering. I like to advise trying one action at a time. Maintain the right balance in your lifestyle to keep a healthier body and mind.

A bientot!


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