Skimboarding originated in southern California, when Laguna Beach lifeguards wanted to surf the local shore breaks that were too fast and shallow for surfboards. It has developed into a sport of riding waves much like surfing. The fearless perform aerial maneuvers and pull into the barrel of the wave riding them back to shore. Professionals have even started getting towed by waverunners into much larger waves.

The board used for skimming is much smaller without fins. Pitching the thin board down on the water surface, the rider glides across the surface in the attempt to meet an incoming wave and ride it back to shore.

It’s amazing the maneuvers these skimboarders perform. Surface and air maneuvers, at various stages of their ride, out to, and back are just some examples. It is fun watching as they do “wraps,” “big spins,” “360 shove-its” and “180s.” 

Another aspect of skimboarding is “flatland,” which involves performing tricks derived from skateboarding such as ollies and shove-its on the wash of waves without catching shore breaks. 

 Give it a try! Take some time and enjoy the acrobatics of the fearless.

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Cristobal Loria

From Potrero

Kelly Vallejos

El skimboar en costa rica no es un deporte muy conocido , con el tiempo se va dando a conocer  lo que es increíble porque es un deporte increíble al hacer la conexión con el mar es una de la sensaciones más inexplicables  y divertidas de deslizarse en la playa .-

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