Six Costa Rican Good Luck Traditions: To Try This New Year’s Eve. Every country in the world has its own rituals to ring in the New Year, and Costa Rica is no exception. Ticos especially have some creative and even silly ways to do it in hopes of experiencing good luck in the year ahead. These good luck traditions are called agüizotes. What? Let’s go again: ah-wee-soh-tehs.

These superstitious cultural practices are inspired by traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, allowing us to learn more about our Costa Rican heritage.

They aim to attract luck, prosperity and love in the upcoming year.

The most delicious grape will be
an important month for you!

1. Santa Lucia flowers in your wallet

During the month of December, purple Santa Lucia flowers start to bloom in the Costa Rican highlands. According to folklore, if you pick some of these flowers and place them in your wallet on the last night of December 31, you will attract wealth in the new year.

There’s a famous saying in Costa Rica: “Santa Lucía en el mes de enero, para que no le falte el dinero,” which means: “Saint Lucia in the month of January so you don’t miss any money. ”

2. Run around the block with suitcases

If you’re hoping to travel more in the new year, some Ticos suggest you take a lap around the block with your suitcases at midnight.

So if you’re in Costa Rica during New Year’s Eve and see someone running with a suitcase, don’t panic. We all want to travel and learn more about the world, and faith moves mountains, some say.

3. Wear yellow underwear

Yes, you must wear colorful underwear the first day of the year. If you don’t have any and are superstitious about it, this is an extra fun purchase for good luck!   

Why yellow? People say it represents the color of the sun’s rays, which signify eternity.

4. Eating 12 grapes

This is a Latin American custom that started in Spain, where you eat one grape for each clock chime at midnight. Each grape represents one month of the year. The most delicious grape will be an important month for you!

5. Light candles of different colors

The tradition begins with a trip to the nearest farmer’s market, known as the mercado central, to buy a bundle of colorful candles. The idea is to generate a cozy atmosphere in the home, focusing on your desires for the New Year. This tradition has roots in mystical and religious beliefs.

6. Hang a ramillete behind the front door

Ramilletes are very popular at the farmer’s market. These small bouquets consist of different herbs like cypress, wheat spike, eucalyptus and rue, wrapped and tied together with some tinsel for decoration. Hanging this combination of herbs behind the front door of your home is said to attract good things and ward off negative energies.

Holidays in Costa Rica are largely religious and family-driven, but mostly fun. So next time you spend New Year’s Eve in Costa Rica, follow these six Costa Rican good luck traditions and don’t forget your yellow underwear!