As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I know how the impact of a global economic downturn can affect any business. As a health coach, I also understand how anyone’s lifestyle can be affected by being in quarantine.

Having spent more than a month already in quarantine with my family, the best way that I feel able to cope is by resetting my mindset.

Let’s begin with the simple concept of mindset. It is the attitude you choose to have when facing a situation, a problem, a plan or a goal. Usually, your mindset reflects your personality and the logical way to communicate your thoughts.

Why is it essential for entrepreneurs to understand how mindset works? It’s about what you think and how you feel in a given situation. If you have a negative attitude in fearing it will be bad for your business, for example, it is more probable that negative outcomes will indeed occur. But if you have a more positive attitude about the same situation, positive consequences are more probable.

Mindset reset tips

Now, I’m going to suggest that it’s actually possible to embrace this unprecedented global pandemic situation with potential for evolving and elevating your mindset. How? Here are some simple mindset reset instructions:

  1. Freedom
    With or without quarantine, your mind is always free. Through mindfulness, you can analyze where your thoughts are. Sit in silence and pay attention to the ideas in your head. If these ideas are getting you into a dark, uncooperative, fatalistic place, sweep them away. But keep all thoughts that are constructive, enthusiastic, and encouraging.
  2. Place your plan
    Take those productive ideas and create a plan for them. For instance, you might wish to have more time to develop a new business plan even while you are at home cooking three meals a day, homeschooling your kids, organizing the house and other quarantine activities. Reorganize your schedule and make space for each project.
  3. Be enthusiastic
    Always add exclamation marks to great new ideas, good results, positive attitudes around you and what you do. Positive feedback supports your mindset in an encouraging way.
  4. Have compassion for yourself
    You are human, and you can make mistakes. It’s allowed.
  5. Communicate with others like you
    You are not alone in this world. There are people like you everywhere who would like to share and express their thoughts. Communicating with them can be reassuring and it can give you accountability.
  6. Take care of your health
    Move your body, hydrate, eat healthy, sleep, and reinvent recreation. Your physical health affects your mental health.
  7. Detox
    When you feel that those fatalistic and unhelpful thoughts return again, check these three things:

        • Who is around you and how are their opinions influencing you?
        • How much time are you spending checking social media and what kind of information you are paying most attention to?
        • Where are you spending most of your energy?

    Any obstacles to a positive mindset should be removed. So detox by getting rid of them in as elegant a way as possible, and start your mindset reset again.

Make 10 minutes available every day to be in silence with your thoughts, connect with yourself and plan what you want for feeling on top of the world. Entrepreneurs develop their business day by day. COVID-19 is just a phase like many other kinds of challenges that don’t last forever.

This too shall pass, and when it does, you as an entrepreneur will say, “I evolved and raised my mindset during those months in quarantine.”

We all live in the same big world, currently dealing with the same big situation called COVID-19. That does not mean we all share the same lifestyle. Yet, we can still help one another to get through these challenging circumstances in ways that actually improve our mental and physical well being.

If you have any questions or need extra support, you are welcome to contact me at and visit my Instagram blog: Movimiento Sattva.