Over the past almost two years, we have experienced things we never thought we would. Previously, we lived our lives as if indestructible — oblivious to the progression towards today’s reality, be it cyclical or manmade.


The world is in a flux of unrest, not only politically but environmentally. The pandemic was the point that began to change life as we all once knew it. 


On top of that we are facing political unrest in all corners of the world. The rights of women have been altered, not only in places like Afghanistan but in parts of North America as well. Human rights almost seem to be put on the back burner. Have we just become numb to the losses … now regarding them as just numbers, not people?


We have witnessed the hottest summer in history in North America and Europe, where many fires and floods have caused massive destruction. 


I went to bed watching the hurricane that hit Louisiana and in the morning woke up and saw the flooding in New York. I did not connect the two until I saw the full newscast and read about it. This is unprecedented. Recent discussions have raised the possibility of increasing the number of hurricane categories. Nothing has changed yet, but the idea of adding a new Category 6 has been brought up for consideration. 


These are wakeup calls to humanity. We can make a difference. We can make changes that will benefit not only ourselves but our surroundings on this planet that is our only home.


Are you going to just go on living like you did in the past? Or, has this time period brought about personal inner reflection as a changing point for you personally, and also how you conduct business? 


Howler is reaching out and collaborating with more and more people and businesses than we did in the past. Working together has seen great strides being made for our publications and our reach to the world. Collaboration is how we envision the future. Holding onto something as an island unto ourselves is a lonely place to be. 


We are currently working with pioneers and innovators in the tech industry and with scientific experts in clean energy and biodegradable plastics. These developments will change our environment and our world for the better. Imagine enjoying a beach without feeling compelled to pick up plastic waste, because there won’t be any! 


Howler is beginning its new era of awareness. Howler is the loudest voice in Costa Rica that reverberates to the world. We are embracing a change in focus on why this country is considered one of the top places for living naturally and “green.” 

There are still many things that need to be addressed here, but that reality is coming. Why? Because of Costa Rica’s protection of diversity, both in nature and its happy people. This is a great opportunity for change — a realignment of our past and moving forward. 


I want to extend a special welcome to Turner Mojica, who is now a part of the Howler family. He brings a great deal of knowledge, important contacts and excitement that will propel Howler’s wider and deeper connections with the world.


Please stay tuned as we advance to a louder voice on topics that affect us all. Living in this time period is challenging, but there are some very exciting upsides if we seize the opportunities presented to us. 

John Quam: Owner, Editor


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