Travelers have been staying in private homes for as long as there have been people on the move. The internet has revolutionized this practice. Vacationing in a homey environment is often the best of both worlds for vacationers and corporate travelers.

But sometimes it is the worst possible scenario for surrounding homeowners. They are just doing their thing, living an everyday life, when suddenly a neighboring home turns into a college fraternity house. Here in Costa Rica, it is a fast and disruptive way to lose the tranquility of pura vida.

Vacation rentals have earned
a bad rap, and for good reason.

It is common knowledge that vacation rentals have earned a bad rap, and for good reason. Yet sometimes the people renting these homes don’t seem to care. This doesn’t make much sense, as the whole idea of a vacation rental is to have the homey and neighborly experience.

So here are a few reminders.

    • Remember not to have more people staying in your vacation rental than what you agreed with the owner when making the reservation.
    • If you have guests over even for just a few hours, their behavior is your responsibility.
    • Take care of the property as if you owned it. Avoid behaviors and activities that cause damage. Just a few of many, many examples include lighting a fire where it doesn’t belong, overloading the washing machine, showering when your body is covered in sand and swinging wildly in the hammock.
    • Conserve energy and water as if it is your own home.
    • Park respectfully and correctly, only where permitted.
    • Keep the noise level at a considerate decibel at all times. Drop that noise level at a considerate hour in the evening and mornings.
    • Remember to keep the doors locked.

You wanted a neighborly and local experience for your vacation, but that means being neighborly and acting like you would if you lived here. Remember you are always an ambassador of your gender, age group, race and nationality, and also the vacation rental industry. Make a good impression.