by John Quam, Owner/Editor/Head Monkey-In-Charge

We have amazing artists in Costa Rica. This special October edition of Howler, “Costa Rica Through the Lens,” highlights many of the talented photographers throughout the country. 


Costa Rica is also blessed with an abundance of subject matter in every corner of the country. But this doesn’t mean that just anyone can shoot a great picture. Having the vision and the eye for what the image will look like when taken is truly an art. Believe me, I have tried. 


I was amazed at the many incredible photos that we received for this issue and I am excited to share them with you.


Please take a moment and see the beauty. A link to each photographer’s biography and contact information is provided, so you can comment and even engage their talents for your own projects.


Howler has created a survey that we would love for you to complete. We will be highlighting more artists in future issues.


Finally, I’m pleased to let you know that this issue of our e-magazine will be available for on-demand printing so that you can have a hard copy to hold and enjoy.

Welcome to Costa Rica Through the Lens! We are delighted to unveil this special photographic edition of Howler’s October 2021 magazine, the brainchild of our Creative and Art Director, Terry Carlile.

“For every magazine, I attempt to design concepts that are visually appealing, grab the reader’s attention and fulfill the inner quest of why so many people love Costa Rica,” Terry notes.  “We have so many opportunities to showcase Costa Rica in this medium! This edition is just the beginning of another exciting chapter of Howler’s expansion and creative solutions, as we intersect with hundreds of thousands of followers within our global audience.”

Opportunity for our readers

We invite you to enjoy and engage as follows:

  • Click on the individual photographer names to visit their webpage, find contact information, follow them and comment on their creations.
  • Provide your input on top favorite photographers by clicking the survey link. Howler will be featuring a different photographer in each of our monthly editions during the next year.
  • Share the magazine and webpages on your social media.
  • Enjoy the magnitude of living the dream — for real — in a wonderful country being captured frame by frame by a variety of artists.

About Terry Carlile

Terry has worked with Howler since 2019. What began as just a marketing position, quickly expanded to graphic designer with overall responsibility for art and creative direction.

“I sit and observe Terry creating on the computer,” says John Quam, Howler Publisher / Editor-in-Chief. “I ask him, ‘how did you do that? That looks great!’” 

Terry always replies, “If I told you, you wouldn’t need me.” 

Career highlights

  • Began in 1976 learning black and white 35 mm. photography and darkroom film processing and printing. Mentors were Michael Dodson and Morris Craig.
  • High school annual staff photographer (as pictured opposite/below/above) 
  • Navy journalist 1979-87
  • Freelance photographer for Meridian, MS newspaper 1984-85
  • Peavey Electronics studio photographer 1987-88

Top photo memories

  • Norway’s fjords
  • Colorado’s mountains and frozen creeks
  • Costa Rica’s people, places and wildlife
  • Iron Bowl ’84 NCAA football on the sidelines of Alabama vs. Auburn rivalry
  • Those great family photos

Top photography reminders

  • Framing the photo
  • Lighting, contrast
  • Don’t take the traditional approach, do something different

Top reasons for featuring photographers in Howler

  • So much Costa Rican beauty to capture: wildlife, people, sports, scenery
  • Variety of photographic talent, skills and forté
  • Sharing with our worldwide readers this diversity captured on “film”
  • Understanding the vast range of our readers’ interests and providing a platform where almost all will see a photo and it resonates with their eye

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