Christmas holidays for most people mean the best time of the year, but unfortunately, not everything is joy and jingles, if we want our pets to enjoy it too, we need to consider some of the following recommendations:


  1. For humans, fireworks mean party, celebration and happiness, they are bright and loud and beautiful to watch, but for most pets and wildlife in general, fireworks are equal to massive bombs, animals’ sense of hearing is so much more developed than humans, so the sound it’s not just too loud but also painful for animals. Birds, monkeys, and homeless cats and dogs suffer a lot during firework shows, some can experience panic attacks, seizures and even strokes that end with their life. Many animals run to hide, get lost and are more susceptive to accidents. If you need ideas on how to help your pet control the anxiety during fireworks, read my October edition article about the rainy season and storms, you can get good suggestions.


  1. Let’s now talk about food, holiday celebrations are surrounded by family, friends, neighbors, and visitors, and food is the center of attention, we all gather around it, and delight in the Christmas feast, smells, and flavors, right? Imagine how excited our pets can get when they can smell 50 times more and better than us. We tend to give all leftovers to our dogs, but let’s be careful, some over seasoned food can be too hard on their stomach, beans, cabbage, pineapple, grapes, and of course, bones should be always avoided. Let’s also be careful with the gifts under the tree, some might be wrapped candy or chocolate, but dogs can find it, eat it, and get intoxicated. 


  1. The highest percentage of abandoned animals happens after Holidays, it’s very sad to know some people get rid of their “pet gift” after they realize it was not a good decision to buy an animal for Christmas. If you are thinking of getting a new furry member for your family, please consider the special and specific needs that the new pet will require, like enough space, good food, vet care, training, exercise, time, grooming, and more, before you take the decision, also consider adopting instead of buying.
  2. Finally, remember pets are a very important part of a family, please include them in your celebrations, and do not leave them unattended or alone during holidays.

Merry Christmas, God bless you and all your pets


by Dra Sharine Alice


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