Suffering, struggling is a part of life and a part of any creative process or commercial endeavor. It’s how we face conflict. More importantly, it’s how we prepare for it and react to it that defines us.


With that in mind I have accepted this new position as Chief Marketing Officer/Senior Vice President for Howler Media Holdings, based in Latin America with influence in the United States and Europe.


To quote David Bowie, “The truth is of course, that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.”


Howler will be the first media voice of its kind bringing the message of sustainability and beyond through regenerative culture, civic engagement, ethical business and activism. Our efforts will be in tandem with the principles stated in the Earth Charter International

  1. Respect and Care for the Community of Life
  2. Ecological Integrity
  3. Social and Economic Justice
  4. Democracy, Non-Violence and Peace


Our influence and collaborations are across industries: academia, arts and entertainment, film, music, food and beverage, travel, real estate, wellness, sports, gaming, fashion, publishing and charitable giving. 



It’s also an honor to be contributing in 2022 to what we call in-house “Howler Magazine 2.0” —  the relaunch of our international digital magazine. 


Passion matters to us.


It’s not just about companies, products or services. Or about associations, committees, political parties or boards. It’s about people and their stories. It’s the owner, founder, president, executive, producer, director … or the artist or worker. Whether in pre-production, production or post-production in any endeavor — it’s all of these individuals who are essential to the story. 

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Based in Costa Rica, Turner Mojica is an international management consultant who has worked with Oscar and Grammy nominated producers, award winning directors and celebrities. He has collaborated with and coached executives in Fortune 500 companies and is specialized in startups. He is a graduate of Emerson College and a Fellow in the Emerson/Blanquerna Global Communication Center, a joint project between Emerson College and Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations, Ramon Llull University in Barcelona. 

Turner is a member of the Global Advisory Board for Communication Studies, the oldest of its kind in the United States. He is a Senior Advisor to the Earth Charter International and consultant to the University for International Cooperation (UCI), the world’s first regenerative university, and Latin American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT), Latin America’s top private bilingual university. Mojica is also a senior board member of “Radio 100 Passi,” one of Italy’s oldest anti-Mafia associations based in Palermo, Sicily. 

He is a stepfather to three daughters, grandfather to four kids and recent father to a son. 


We aim to give a voice to movers and shakers, to whistleblowers and underdogs, to cover and uncover topics designed to inform, engage and inspire. We desire to run the gamut of human experience to promote real change — from dreams and desires, fears and failures through collaboration and cooperation, instead of conflict and competition.


We have all suffered in some form or another. We have struggled and risen and failed and risen again. We all share these experiences — these elements, concoctions and compounds that bring us together. From that we create something that reflects this shift towards human connection, and a connection with nature, during the pandemic.


I am forever thankful to John Quam for this welcome as I join the “loudest voice in the forest,” and also to Ronnie King for the introduction. 


This endeavour is dedicated to my mentor Robert Beleson (Playboy Enterprises Inc., M. Shanken Communications, etc.), who passed away earlier this year, and to my adoptive late father, author Jack Ketchum.

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