In the quaint and picturesque town of Zarcero, Costa Rica lies a hidden gem that defies the ordinary: Parque Francisco Alvarado. This breathtaking garden oasis manifests the delicate harmony between art and nature, where every pathway leads to a fresh wave of wonder and every corner unveils a new dimension of creativity. The garden stands as a living canvas, a testament to the mastery of the artisans who breathe life and narrative into greenery, shaping shrubs and bushes into dynamic figures that range from animals to mythical beings, creating a silent theater of stories in green.


The genesis of this living art gallery owes much to the vision and dedication of Evangelisto Blanco, a maestro who spent decades sculpting the vibrant foliage into the captivating spectacle it is today. He illustrated a vibrant dreamscape, translating dreams into green sculptures, beckoning visitors to wander and let their imaginations roam freely, finding new shapes and tales in the intricate designs that blend seamlessly with vibrant flower beds.


Adjacent to the iconic pink and yellow church, the garden immerses locals and travelers alike in the rich culture of Zarcero, fostering a sense of community and shared experience as they gather amidst the splendor. The air often fills with the fragrance of blossoming flowers, as the soft whispers of leaves tell tales of the intricate relationship between man and nature, a testimony to the maestro’s nurturing hands. A visit to Parque Francisco Alvarado promises not just a feast for the eyes, but a journey for the soul, inviting one to wander, to wonder, and to weave their narratives in this green wonderland, where every visit feels like a serene yet stimulating escape from the bustling rhythms of daily life. It’s more than a garden; it’s a nurturing embrace, a place of discovery and connection, urging every visitor to slow down and experience the joy of the present moment.

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