Born in Brussels and of Moroccan descent, artist Oubaïda Azzouz grew up in a culture of mixed influence and developed a pronounced taste for the Orient.  


With a fascination for drawing and illustration and skills superior to other students his age, Oubaïda was encouraged to enroll at the Sainte Marie Institute in Brussels, a specialized secondary school to prepare students for the visual and fine arts.  


My teachers very quickly spotted my potential,” he tells us. “In my late teens I started to create commissioned paintings while still in school and started to have public expositions.”


But with his heart also leaning towards sport, Oubaïda left the institute, feeling unchallenged. New things were on the horizon, however. Quickly embracing his second passion — performing arts — Azzous achieved multiple championships in the Benelux Dance competitions, traveling throughout Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. 


“My heart has always swung between art and sports,” he admits.  


At the age of 37, Azzous and his wife decided to make the move to Costa Rica. Now in his new home country, Oubaïda explores different artistic expressions and perspectives. 


“My arrival in Costa Rica has really made me aware of the space that nature occupies and how great it is, in all its varied, surprising and sublime — but also strong and wild — elements. Our mindsets should always be linked to nature and, thus, be humbler in front of her!”  


Oubaïda finds it odd that in Europe, people seem to be disconnected from these notions. “But here in Costa Rica, by taking the time to observe natural surroundings, listen and connect with all this overflowing life, I see that my senses are opened, which increases my inspiration and desire to create so much art, because there is so much to show. At the same time, it pushes me to go deeper and deeper into every detail, every color, and every gradient because they deserve to be exposed in broad daylight.”


To see Oubaïda Azzouz’s premiere exhibit in Costa Rica, plan a visit to the Hidden Garden Art Gallery; visit us online at or contact us at

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