Why Belize is Suitable for Offshore Banking

Why Belize is Suitable for Offshore Banking

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Why Belize is Suitable for Offshore Banking. When it comes to offshore banking solutions, would-be clients can certainly feel overwhelmed with the plethora of choices available. Yet, over the last couple of years, Belize has become a go-to for many investors looking for security, stability and new investment opportunities. Here, Luigi Wewege, Senior Vice President of Caye International Bank, writes on the unique benefits that Belize has to offer, and how it has become the region of choice for savvy investors from all over the world. Caye International Bank was recently recognized by Wealth & Finance INTL as the ‘Best Offshore Private Bank in Latin America’ in the 2019 Banking Excellence Awards.

Offshore banking has long been a popular option for those who want to secure their financial future, whether that be for their dream retirement or, more simply, to ensure that their liquid savings are safe and secure in the hands of expert financial establishments.

When you bring up the idea of offshore banking, it’s not unusual to get a dozen different opinions about where the best tax haven is or where banks are most eager to get foreign investors. Look beyond all the noise and you’ll find that Belize is consistently chosen by savvy investors for offshore banking. Clearly, Belize has a lot to offer those interested in the financial side of the equation.  (Read the Full Article Here…)

Luigi Wewege.  Howler is pleased to feature advice from global financial consultant Luigi Wewege in this issue of our CR Biz flip magazine. Specifically, you’ll learn why Belize has become a preferred banking location for savvy investors around the world seeking security, stability and asset diversification opportunities. Wewege draws on his expertise and experience helping would-be clients gain knowledge and confidence to choose offshore banking solutions that meet their needs.

Wewege is the published author of The Digital Banking Revolution and has co-authored economic research presented before the U.S. Congress. He holds an Italian MBA with a major in International Business, as well as a BSBA with a triple major in Finance, International Business, and Management – cum laude from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.





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