Join us in celebrating the beauty, diversity, and cultural richness of Costa Rican art.

Support local artists:

By purchasing artwork from MIRAME Fine Art, you’re not just acquiring a work of art, you’re also supporting the livelihood of artists living and working in Costa Rica. Your purchases will make a direct and positive impact on the local art community.

Celebrate Costa Rican culture:

MIRAME Fine Art allows you to experience the essence of Costa Rica through the eyes of its artists, no matter where you are in the world. We are committed to celebrating the rich and diverse art landscape of Costa Rica and can help you be part of a cultural celebration.



Guillermet’s vibrant paintings and tapestries feature geometric colours, shaped by her architectural interests and urban inspirations.

Colour transcends mere visual aesthetics, serving as a powerful medium for emotional impact.

“Colour is enigmatic. It means something different to everyone. As with emotions, you cannot define it.”


One of Costa Rica’s most acclaimed artists, Hernández  Bastos paints with smoke from an oil lamp, evoking creation and destruction in his ephemeral figures. 

He represented Costa Rica at the Venice Biennale, and has also won many awards, including the country’s prestigious “Aquileo J.  Echeverria” prize.

“The candle has that ephemeral sense of the volatile.” 
[Hernandez Bastos]

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