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It took me awhile to understand “the millennials.” Who are they and what gives them the right to rule? Indeed, millennials are a force to be reckoned with in the business world and every other sphere, now representing more than 75 million of the U.S. population. Demographically categorized as people born in the 1980s and 1990s who reach adulthood in the new century, they recently surpassed baby boomers as the largest generation on earth to date.

Wrapped in the cyber world they helped create, millennials buy clothes from an app and follow the “influencers.”

Trying to set opinion and have a non-perishable look at the same time, they are in the search of durable fabrics and timeless clothes. For a brand to succeed in between these purchasing parameters, it should be involved in environmental sustainability and social responsibility. That can be established by choices of materials and labor practices, as well as eco-donations or environmental campaigns.

millennials in costa rica

Like everything else
in the world
they are evolving in, millennial preferences change quickly.

Authenticity, durability and sustainability … those are the things that really matter. The outside look changes fast with everyday posts on social media, but the “soul” of the brand is what keeps this generation next to you.

Millennials prefer high-quality products and a classic look, making brands like Patagonia, North Face and Fjallraven the most popular among this new generation.

Like everything else in the world they are evolving in, millennial preferences change quickly. It’s crucial to continue to engage these customers to understand their emotions, attitudes and intent. Customized classics with personalizing options are being offered by more and more companies. It’s the answer to fashion designed for the century’s new leaders.

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