Life In Quarantine – Stay Balanced

Pura vida in quarantine?! Yes, it’s possible. Breathe once …  breathe twice. 


The very idea of having to stay away from each other is contrary to human nature. It’s almost inconceivable when you have kids and teenagers. We all need social interaction and sharing.

With so many organizations recommending social distancing measures to minimize the risk of virus exposure, the implications seem inconceivable. For kids it means no school, no extracurricular activities, no play dates or study groups. For almost everyone it means no social gatherings. Having to stay home most of the day is especially challenging with kids full of energy.

As a health coach, I offer these tips for anyone feeling overwhelmed and starting to lose direction. Let’s begin with the basics.

Strive for routine

Try to have a plan. Even if you are not going to follow it 100%, just knowing there is a plan is essential to your mental health. Your household routine can include the following.

Keep your home environment as clean and organized as possible, from making beds to clearing away clutter. Chaotic surroundings are not conducive to a calm state of mind. Embracing feng shui principles, on the other hand, could bring you good energy and money. Who knows? It’s the perfect opportunity to find out.

Healthier eating can begin in your own kitchen. With more time for online research on how to cook healthier, using natural ingredients, the ultimate results are possible. Fresh vegetables and fruits are essential for nourishment with the vitamins and minerals that strengthen our immune system.

It’s an excellent opportunity to share with the rest of the family. Involve the kids in preparing the same foods you can enjoy eating together. Announcing your intention to bake some cupcakes is a sure way to get everybody joining you in the kitchen.


Work and homework

I am writing this article for Howler readers while my daughter is doing her homework. Independent time is vital for everyone in your family circle. Let your kids have some time to work on their own, so you can have this time to focus on your own business.


Move your body

Remaining in the same place for much of the day frees up an incredible amount of time that we normally consume in our vehicles.Having to spend more time at home now gives us some extra hours to use for our benefit.

My first recommendation is to go outside. Powerwalk, run or even take a field trip with the kids. Any combination of moving your body and getting fresh air is going to be beneficial.

There are also many options for exercising at home, including some excellent online programs. Ask me for recommendations that reflect your own interests.

Practice breathing exercises. Yoga is one of my favorites, as it involves breathing and self-connection.


Manage your relationships

Communication is crucial to maintaining healthy personal relationships. When kids are confined at home, exposure to grown-up conversation can be intimidating, especially if the focus is on stressful and negative information. Give your kids free time to do and talk about whatever they like. Also allow time and space for couple conversations in a separate area of your home. I suggest pairing it with a glass of wine or a beer (not too many please!) so you can relax and not pass on any unnecessary anxiety to the kids.

One positive aspect of a crisis can be the opportunity for family members and friends to connect with each other when their normal everyday life is not standing in the way. Maybe you can send out all the birthday cards that you missed earlier this year.

Set aside solo time 

When you care about yourself, you care about others. If you are feeling anxious or worried, set aside some “me time.” Here are some ideas: read, exercise, pursue a new hobby (there are good resources online), take a long shower, give yourself a manicure and pedicure, paint mandalas or watch your favorite TV series for the fifth time.

Try not to read so much about the prevailing issues and concerns, and make sure your information sources are official and accurate.

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Make it your goal to be healthy in body and mind!