What are you doing during this time?

Share your comments/ideas below.

Good resources always welcomed!

Here are a few interesting ways people are coming together (virtually):

  • Purchasing gift certificates to local restaurants, record stores, and brick & mortar retailers to provide an alternative revenue stream
  • Hosting virtual happy hours with friends and family to bolster human connection
  • Buying tickets to future community events to show support for the greater community
  • Offering grocery store runs or meal delivery to the elderly and immunocompromised
  • Contributing financially to food banks for children who have lost access to daily meals during school closures
  • Donating to artists, performers, and venues to show solidarity and continue the celebration of the arts
  • Creating wishlists for direct delivery to non-profit organizations and shelters that cannot currently receive in-person donations
  • Providing online attendance options for classes, concerts, church services and more to connect communities to meaningful experiences (from EventBrite)

If You’re in a Creative Mood

  1. Try your hand at blind contour drawings.
  2. Bring out that crochet project that’s been languishing in the closet.
  3. Watch a drawing tutorial on YouTube and practice.
  4. Practice hand-lettering.
  5. Make air-dry clay bowls pressed with lace.
  6. Make plant babies.
  7. Spray paint some plant pots.
  8. Spray paint some frames.
  9. Make a celebration banner or garland.
  10. Cut some paper snowflakes.
  11. Color with Sharpie on aluminum foil.
  12. Press some flowers.
  13. Print out some favorite family photos to frame and hang on the wall.
  14. Bake something.
  15. Decorate cupcakes.
  16. Try a new recipe.

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