Colors Blurred by Sports and Entertainment

Just a thought. In my experience it has been sports and entertainment that blur the color barriers in society. I mean, I can applaud the genius of Kurt Cobain and at the same time applaud the genius of Michael Jordan. I can revere the risk-taking courage of Jimi Hendrix and at the same time respect the skill level of Peyton Manning.

In these times I’ve seen people drawing lines in the sand. I’ve seen hatred and intolerance, division. I’ve seen friends delete each other from Facebook. I’ve probably been deleted by a few people.

Peter Tosh said, “You never miss your water until your well runs dry.” Well me personally, I miss the live entertainment. I miss concerts. I miss sports too.

I love myself enough to love others.

I think anyone who knows me, knows my love for Bob Marley. I hold his words near and dear to my heart and I take them seriously.

I am what society calls Black. And my life matters. My life doesn’t matter more than yours. It doesn’t matter more than his or hers. It just matters. I love myself enough to love others.

I will continue to honor the human rights of every person born on this planet, as I continue to honor my own.

One love.

I love y’all.

Photo Credits : Photos courtesy of Bradley Brown

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