It is time for us to wake up and really analyze the benefits of bringing awareness to not only what we eat with our mouth but also what we eat with all our senses. 

Hippocrates said it well: “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” Most of us are aware that eating well is an essential aspect of feeling well and being healthy. But have you ever considered the notion that food can refer to everything we consume?

Think about some of your typical routines and habits associated with eating. Are you watching TV, reading the newspaper or checking social media on your phone or tablet while you eat? If so, what are you really eating? What are you feeding yourself?

Becoming mindful of this can motivate us to make healthier choices about how we eat, not just what we eat. It’s an opportunity to bring families together again during meals so we can share and connect with each other, or we can connect with ourselves. But either way, we cannot do it if we have the television on or the cell phone in our hands. 

So try thinking of meal time as a family time or a time for enjoying your own company. If you have been conditioned to think this is boring, then make a special plan. For example, use your best china, decorate your table, eat outside, have a picnic or take yourself on a date. Get creative and honor your food!

‘Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.’
– Hippocrates

Nourishing connections

We nourish ourselves not only with the food we eat, but also the people we choose to share time with. Appreciate these moments because they are more valuable than gold.

This also changes our relationship with food. It allows us to connect with what nourishes us, giving us strength and health.

I invite you to question, what else are you feeding yourself while watching TV? Always stay aware of what is being consumed emotionally and spiritually as well as physically.

Are you also “eating” the news while trying to feed your body with food? Your mind and soul are being subjected to everything you see, hear and read, along with the people you spend time with. Think about it. 

Today, make a commitment with yourself to eat without the presence of a TV, smartphone, ipad or reading material. Enjoy meal time as a celebration!

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