Reflections of light cascading through shards of glass present multi-dimensional motivation for Costa Rican artist Fernán Salazar.  

“In creating art, I find my inspiration through the infinite possibilities of colors and forms mirroring within the glass,” he tells us. 

Although in his youth Fernán experimented with drawing and illustrations, his artistic talent thrived when he began to study glass art and fusion. 

Originally captivated by exploring the shapes and colors of fish and sea life, Fernán started his artistic journey by capturing their likeness to create unlimited wavy shapes, fins, tails and algae. He used a varied color palette with multiple layers of glass fused together to create the final sculpture. Now, in addition to glass sculptures, Fernán also produces works in wood and resin.

“Playing with the light was an intense challenge,” he recalls. “Learning how each piece reflects itself in a background provides an interesting game between the glass and the light.”  

This is the driving force that excites Salazar as he continues to create sculptures in various forms of glass fusion. Each piece is especially designed according to the materials he collects and imagines. Highlighting their natural shape and texture makes every object of art totally original and unique. 

Using a combination of three variations of fusion, Salazar is able to provide several different finishes. Some are smooth and others have just a little texture with independent parts — like the iguana or frogs with moving limbs. For pieces with massive texture, such as the dragonfly, he uses an adhesive to join the different components in the glass.

“For wood pieces I have used molejón, volcanic rock, sea stone and beautiful woods naturally polished by the sea,” Salazar explains. “Complementing with metal pieces, I form harmonious unions of natural elements.”  

Continuing journey

The artist describes how his sculptures evolve and change as he progresses on his artistic journey. “I started with standing sculptures, then ventured to work more with reflections of light projected on the walls. This led me to also create framed glass works, which intervene in my work in a different way.”

Everything Fernán sees catches his attention these days, and the themes he captures with his art have become more universal. Having traveled extensively throughout North and South America, Europe and the Middle East, Salazar has discovered more techniques and ideas used to create his own style and distinctive designs. 

To see Fernán’s exhibit, visit the Hidden Garden Art Gallery, located just five minutes from the Daniel Oduber Airport. Contact and discover more at

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