As we leave 2021 and go into the brighter — yet unknown — future of 2022, it is a good thing to reflect back over this past year. Many of us have had losses and setbacks, both personally and in business. 

The world keeps turning, and as in playing cards, we are all dealt a hand and need to play it out. Facing the future with plans and a clear purpose is a must. All of us have been touched by the events of the past two years, and it either makes you stronger or you can fold. 

I encourage you to lift your head up, face what has been dealt and play your hand. Unlike a game of poker, there are many resources to help you through this and reveal a brighter future.

Friends, family and wherever you receive spiritual guidance, as well as medical professionals, are great resources. None of us has to feel that we are alone in the crazy journey. 

We have hit a bottom, and as you will see, things are going to be better. If we have survived this, we are strong enough to face almost anything. The world keeps turning and it is a wonderful place, even though marred with the scars of mankind.

As the world turns, I, personally, am excited for the next phase and preparing to embrace new and innovative changes. Our new partnerships are coordinating their resources, and Howler Media is poised to make amazing moves in 2022.

If you think Howler is just a magazine, we have news for you. Our media company, Howler Media Holdings Inc., has many facets. New paths have opened up for us at Howler Media. Our board of directors, and the guidance and resources we rely on, will be instrumental in the successes to be gained.

We are expanding our footprint and taking on new media outside of the region we are traditionally associated with. Over this past year, Howler International has been received by the world audience and has increased our visibility to more markets. It is easier for me to make a list of countries that we don’t have engagements with than those that we do. We will be expanding this and growing that audience. 

Pulling away from print was like seeing your kid drive off in your car for the first time. I always felt that the need for print was so important. I have now realized a few things about the ever-changing world of supply chains and the lack of paper supplies at a reasonable cost. That, and seeing the numbers of people who engage with our digital magazine, has changed my mind. 

The reach and audience that you get from digital media, as opposed to print, is so much more extensive. In the age of electronic media, the number of people touched is quantifiable and has given our supporting advertisers a reach outside their local region. 

We are excited moving forward, and we value our readers and advertisers that have made this possible. It is not just slapping a bunch of ads on a page in hopes that someone will see it. We thoughtfully place and promote. 

Don’t look back; move to the opportunities and adventures that await you. 

Have a blessed 2022.

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