The containers came and Ezequiel directed the men as they lowered them onto the soft earth. Howler monkeys watched unflinchingly close. He smiled, content that he could finally start building his home. 


Then we took his motorcycle along the dry dirt road kicking up dust to the beach where his sister ran Tamarindo Sunshine, a boutique hotel a five-minute walk to the beach. We sat in the outdoor lobby and talked, every now and then interrupted by a call or a fan. BPM was scheduled to celebrate its 15th anniversary in Tamarindo, the first since the pandemic, so the air was electric. Ezequiel is a friend and the one who introduced me to the inner workings of electronic dance music. 


Producer, artist, manager, entrepreneur and DJ, Ezequiel Marianoni began to establish himself in the 90’s, the moment he touched the shores of Costa Rica. His music developed into a formidable sound that can be described as classic progressive house, combined with melodic / percussive and hypnotic elements. Like a charismatic pied piper, he mesmerizes the circadian rhythms of his audience and leads them playfully towards the edge, then pushes them over.


He handles the line of progressions in his set with a subtlety unique in its nature, due to his great versatility and endurance when it comes to playing long sessions. Of South American origin, more specifically Argentine, he is a great lover of English melodic pop. Being a resident of Central America for more than half of his life has infused Latin elements into Marianoni’s presentations, thus combining an extraordinary and original sound resulting from these cultural confluences.

Mystical experience


One of his goals when performing is to always maintain that particular progressive sound and flow that characterizes his style. Ezequiel’s nights involve the most enveloping, deep and connective sound, that ensures a collective and mystical experience. For him, it’s what his public deserves and longs for. After 20 years of professional experience, he’s developed a natural flow in presentations as if the music itself were running in his veins. 


Marianoni made strides as a professional DJ by establishing himself in the international club scene and began to produce large-scale events, performing in the best clubs in Costa Rica, collaborating with Bacardi and Red Bull. In 2010, he broke through and created a new concept in the Costa Rican club scene, developing one of the most important nightclubs in the country, El Garito Tamarindo. This iconic establishment is the only electronic music bar/dance club on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, and regarded as one of the top clubs in the country. It’s where Marianoni met the BPM Festival organizers.


“I am honored to be a part of the BPM family,” he says. “And it’s something written in the stars to have it here in our own backyard where I started this dream all of those years ago. BPM Festival 2022, January 12 to 18, is gonna be fantastic! The first real festival in Costa Rica since the pandemic.” 


Ezequiel has played in countless locations in Costa Rica and worldwide. His collaborations with other artists include Hernan Cattaneo, Henry Saiz, Valentin Huedo, Xavier Fux, Ray Okpara, Josh Winks, Oscar L, Jay Tech, Matt Rowan, Antrim, Joe Fisher, FriGid and David Medina as well as Oscar and Grammy nominated producers such as Ronnie King. 


His wide spectrum of talent runs from consulting to artistic direction, coordination of shows, bookings, DJs, graphic design, and event production.


Howler continues to support local and international artists, especially our own Ezequiel Marinoni and his friends worldwide. 


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The Osa Peninsula area is my favorite part of Costa Rica, so I happily accepted an invitation in December 2020 to visit Puerto Jimenez with a group of friends. 

My trip highlights, shared with insider tips, are meant to encourage Howler readers to plan your own getaway to paradise. I’m already looking forward to my next Osa adventure.

Our first full day in the peninsula began with a boat trip on the Pacific Ocean to see aquatic wildlife and sea birds. The adventure did not disappoint. Before long, the boat was surrounded by hundreds of dolphins, which swam by the boat for a long duration. We also saw sea turtles, a manta ray and many birds. 

That night, our group took a bioluminescent kayak tour. Immediately after setting out, we saw the gorgeous blue-green lights in the water where the plankton hit the paddle. Above us was a sky full of stars and below us, the entire sea lighting up from our paddles and hands in the water. It was pure magic … the magic of nature that is! 

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