The allure of living in a tropical country referred to as the last undiscovered Paradise is enticing, intoxicating, and seductive. The magic lies in the sense of escapism, where every moment feels like a vacation. Each day unfolds like a dream, yet, beneath this façade lies a dark underbelly, hidden from the glossy pages of travel brochures. In the third book of the series about expats on the isthmus, Maya Warwick, and her pal Jax Wakefield, present an entertaining and often hilarious romp through trials and tribulations of expat life. Unfortunately, the charm of living in Paradise fades as reality sets in and it becomes evident that this is not a static destination but a complex tapestry of light and shadow, where one must navigate the complexities with open eyes. This realization forces Maya to make some difficult decisions that will set her life on a new trajectory.

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