In almost every disaster movie — when catastrophes range from floods to earthquakes, from an approaching asteroid to an alien invasion — there is usually one scientist who is there predicting the coming apocalypse. He’s usually eccentric, and a genius, separated or divorced with a love of classic rock, who has left his job. And he’s determined to prove his theory is true even when no one believes him. 


As the end draws near he’s brought in by suits and uniforms and slaps a team together. Then, when it’s almost too late, he saves the day. He finds new love, the credits roll and we walk away cheering. 


This is Dr. Eduard Müller. 


For the past 30 years, Müller has been a pioneer in regenerative design and development, the step beyond sustainable. He founded the University of International Cooperation. (UCI), the world’s first regenerative university. He also heads Regenerate Costa Rica, a program putting this country on the fast track to adopting regenerative design as a national policy — the first in the world. 


While many institutions were scrambling to adapt to the pandemic, Eduard Müller had already seen the importance of online education — decades earlier — with programs in place in 60 countries. He has taken his message to 90 different countries and set up programs in more than 35 of them on every continent. Müller has also given more than 200 international conference presentations in recent years on global change and solutions through regenerative development.


His accomplishments and accolades and appearances on CNN are too numerous to list. But Eduard is more focused on the challenges that face us. 


From his new home in Matapalo, Costa Rica, Müller says, “Our planet is in trouble: climate change, a consumer society that extracts more resources than what the planet can provide, a broken economic model combined with politics gone wrong. We also have incredible power and communication technology, especially through social media. We have enormous capacity for data analysis, trending rapidly to data analytics and artificial intelligence. However, we are not able to transfer all of this information into wisdom … yet.”  




We have invited Dr. Müller to play an integral role with Howler. As a member of our Board of Directors, he will guide Howler Magazine, powered by Howler Media Holdings, towards a completely regenerative agenda beyond sustainability. It’s our intention to use this medium to help address the challenges of biodiversity and land regeneration. 


Howler will continue to highlight stories about the men and women who are striving to make a difference — especially those like Eduard Müller who are at the forefront of what has been termed by scientists the “Sixth Planetary Extinction.”


We still have time to walk away cheering if we act now. 

Global Pioneer in Regenerative Design and Development

‘We are not able to transfer all of this information into wisdom … yet.’

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