Happy New Year to all! Reflecting on 2022, it certainly seems that it just flew by, we blinked and now it’s 2023.


Recently I have had the opportunity to be the target of a few people who seem to want to engage and attack. This is not a new thing for me as a publisher, and even before this career. It leads me to my thoughts on caring about what people think about us. 


This subject is widely discussed and has many turns and twists. The reality is that we are all individuals and each has our own way of living and communicating, and we own our opinions. If you have confidence in what you believe in, should you make excuses to appease those who have counter opinions or stand for your beliefs? Get a backbone and own it.


Over the past few years, the divisiveness of allowing people to express their thoughts and beliefs has become an issue. I see it mostly in the world of politics and religion, with groups formulating their dogma, and with vile contempt, label people. This has become a crisis of hindering individual thoughts and beliefs.


This leads to interactions that are not only uncomfortable, but also a killer of friendships. So many people talk with such authority about issues and have no interest in seeing things from a different perspective. Is this how we are being educated now? Hold your beliefs at all costs!


I recently had an interaction with a friend about immigration status and allowing migration into the United States. It became a little heated and I was accused of getting my news from Google and being a liberal. This was so funny I just had to stop and absorb the comment. Well, as a matter of fact, I do research and listen to many different news agencies to get a view from different sides. I believe this is well rounded and a proper way to do research. But with such disdain, I was labeled. Marked as an ANTI-something, whatever that might be, I guess following a crowd is what people want these days. Proudly I own my thoughts and the way I choose to live.


I ran across this quote the other day and it just triggered my thoughts on living.


“In the end, people will judge you anyway. Don’t live your life impressing others. Live your life impressing yourself.” 



This is all a part of being happy with yourself and staying your course. Owning our actions, thoughts and our experiences are what makes us who we are. The need to conform just because they say so is not healthy. 


It is better to associate with people who truly allow you as a person to grow and express yourself. Friends don’t worry about the little things. Friendship is about the whole experience. We have so few good friends, do you really want to throw them away because they have a difference of opinion? And with that being said, do we always have to be right? Being humble and accepting of others is a great way to live.


Three things you need to remember to keep a humble heart:


  1. It’s not how big the house is, it’s how happy the home is.
  2. If you haven’t been in someone’s shoes, don’t tell them how to tie their own laces.
  3. Remember everything can vanish in a blink of an eye.


There is a need to communicate on a level that is maybe a little kinder and less authoritative when expressing your beliefs, accepting those around us who have different beliefs. Being kind should not have to be forced; it should be natural. 


Living in a world that agrees on everything and doesn’t explore options is good? I think it is a slippery slope of what happened throughout history. 


Targeting groups that are different and don’t conform has led to some horrific times in the not-so-distant past. As we watch the cycles of news, think about history and how things became a crisis in the world because of forcing beliefs. Remember history repeats itself. Look at what is happening around the world and see if you can identify the point in history that is nearing repetition. 


Should we care what people think about us? My answer is yes and no. Live your life and be happy with yourself. If you are going to love others you need to first love who you are.


In 2023, let’s try accepting those with differing opinions and engage in productive, meaningful conversations. We can solve the world’s problems with open hearts and open minds.

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