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With well over one million street dogs in Costa Rica, the need for an animal rescue that can help with the veterinary care, training, and rehoming of these neglected and malnourished beings is ever growing.

With a passion for the love and care of all beings, Bini Pitwell began facilitating the transfer of rescued dogs from Greece to their new homes in the UK in 2018. Through the global organization and transfer of rescued dogs, the concept of Rescue Quest was born!

Rescue Quest is now a functional dog rescue in Marbella, Costa Rica. The Rescue Quest mission statement is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

According to the National Animal Health Service in Costa Rica, the number of dogs without homes topped one million back in 2018. That number has increased exponentially in recent years, but Rescue Quest has intentions of moving these numbers in a new direction.

In its six short months of being fully operational, Rescue Quest managed to help over 30 dogs, including three mothers and their full litters of puppies. The rescue also continues to receive more calls for help on a regular basis. Rescue Quest is growing rapidly and now requires more volunteers, donations, and community support to provide care for the furry friends of Guanacaste.

In order to keep up with the care of dogs in need, Rescue Quest initiated projects that ultimately will financially sustain the cost of running the rescue through sales of merchandise, as well as offering services that promote an eco-friendly lifestyle, such as the growth and distribution of micro greens.

Rescue Quest has rescued, cared for, and rehomed puppies, elderly, and disabled dogs alike, but Bini Pitwell’s long-term vision is for Rescue Quest to be a self-sustaining sanctuary of healing for all beings! 

Driven by an inexhaustible passion to care for the abandoned, neglected, and abused, Rescue Quest intends to be a guiding light in the crusade against animal cruelty by not only rescuing the needy animals of Guanacaste, but also by partnering with other projects in their mission to end factory farming. 

Here is a one-minute video on the work Rescue Quest is doing.

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Rescue Quest’s mission!

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Contact number: +506 88906775

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