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January 2023 Troop (Contributors)

Surf’s up! As waves of high-season activity bring in another new year with a splash,  Howler’s January issue is full of features and photos geared to Costa Rica beachgoers — from top surf spot tips and swell science information to board shopping advice and rip current precautions.

Looking for something different in the way of agro-tourism attractions? We have two suggestions — one colorful and the other sweet — in our profiles of a sunflower plantation and artisan sugar cane mill, respectively. We also launch a new bird photo series, while adding more artist backstories in a new “Making a Scene” installment.



Charlene Golojuch. Co-owner of Hidden Garden Art Gallery with husband, Greg;

Ellen Zoe Golden. Former entertainment biz PR flack. Later lived the dream for many years as a travel agent, journalist and surfer in Tamarindo before her passing in March 2022.

Ivan Granados. Managing Partner at GM Attorneys, specializing in real estate and corporate law.

Ivo Henfling. A Dutch national,resident of Costa Rica since 1980, and Costa Rican real estate broker for over 30 years. Founder of GoDutch Realty, which covers several locations in the Central Valley, including Escazú, Santa Ana, Atenas, Cariari, and Grecia. 

Karl Kahler. Author of “Frommer’s Costa Rica 2017,” former travel editor of the Tico Times and former national editor of California’s San Jose Mercury News. 

Jenn Parker. An avid writer, traveler, and nature lover on a mission to surf the earth and share her stories.

Rick Philps. Canadian who practiced law in Victoria, BC before moving to Costa Rica in 1998. He has practiced law here for 17 years, having continued his education in civil law and notary and registry law. Offers legal due diligence seminars and consultations in the Gold Coast area for expats moving, or considering moving to Costa Rica. Contact or visit

John Quam Howler Magazine Owner, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, who has called Costa Rica home for nine years.

Brians Salazar. Attorney and notary public at GM Attorneys. Obtained his law degree at the University of Costa Rica in 2015, and a specialization degree in notarial law in 2018 from Escuela Libre de Derecho University.

Ryan Waldron. BS Atmospheric Science, surfer.

Dr. Herbert Weinman. MD, MBA.



James Foxx. Self-described passionate Costa Rican soul, living his dreams at the beach in Nosara while pursuing a vibrant and healthy lifestyle, music, photography, videography and digital. Email: Instagram @jamesfoxx_photography

Fred Lipsky. Retired New York police office

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