In the heart of Costa Rica’s cerulean shore,

Where the Caribbean whispers tales of yore,

There a surfer stands, his board by his side,

Embracing the dance of the passionate tide.


Every wave is a dream, a challenge, a song,

In its rhythm, the surfer finds where he belongs.

The sun paints golden hues on his bronzed skin,

As he becomes one with the world he’s in.


The water’s embrace, so fierce and so kind,

Is where all his troubles he leaves behind.

With every swell, with every crest,

He feels alive, he feels the best.


The palm trees sway, sharing their lore,

Of ancient times, of legends galore.

The sky above, a vast canvas of blue,

Reflects the depth of emotions so true.


The horizon beckons with promises vast,

As the surfer rides memories of the past.

In Costa Rica’s embrace, wild and free,

He finds his rhythm, his destiny.


-Feel the pull of the waves? Dive in and let the beauty of Costa Rica’s shores wash over you! ???

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