Fandoms of comic and pop culture conventions alike will converge for Comic Con Costa Rica (C2CR), May 5, 6 and 7, 2023 at the National Convention Center in San José. The country’s largest pop culture event promises something for everyone, whether you’re into comics, cosplay, TV series or movies, books and more. It’s organized by The Road Tech, Masco and Shamanes.

“We insist that C2CR is an experience for everyone, friends and families, which is why we have designed new activities this year, these new packages and of course a very special VIP package, full of surprises,” said Edson Arauz, organizer of the event.

Highlights include two guest stars from the Netflix show Wednesday (Merlina in Latin America) — Victor Dorobantu (Dedos) and George Bucea (Largo), together at a convention for the first time. 

Also in the guest lineup: Kevin Sorbo, Kinpatsu Cosplay, Taryn Cosplay, Diane Guerrero, Serg Acuña, Amy Allen, Lou Ferrigno, Arthur Suydam, Geral Renée Witterstaetter, Mostafa Moussa, Dan Mora, Kath Lobo, Geraldo Borges and Javier Santaolalla.

C2CR opens May 5 with a magic/science hybrid show called “Journey to the Quantum Universe,” featuring Costa Rican magician Diego Vargas and physicist Javier Santaolalla.

For complete details, including ticket and VIP package information, visit Tickets are also available at

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