You’ll notice a fresh look with the Howler Media platform in August. The platform includes the digital magazine, website and social media.

  • “Click” means an action is required.
  • “Real” is the opposite of pretending,  fake, myths or false.
  • “Escapes” mean a way out of a situation that is not good to be in at the present time.


 Is Costa Rica your “cure all”?


     That answer is a strong “no,” but a framework does exist in Costa Rica to provide the opportunity to escape,  even if it’s for a two-week vacation.

    Howler has been publishing Costa Rica to the world for over 27 years.  We hit an all-time high number of unique readers in 2022 with over 5 million.  We’re on track this year to surpass that number.

     In August we will soar over 1 million translations! Spanish being #1 out of the 12 languages.

     We so appreciate our advertising partners and you, our readers, for your participation.

     Thank you for reading, sharing, and being a part of the loudest voice of Costa Rica to the world!

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