Hey there, all you water enthusiasts, young and the young at heart! Picture this – diving headfirst into the rollicking, sometimes flailing, but always exhilarating, the world of bodyboarding, a sport where having fun while mostly horizontal isn’t just possible, it’s the whole point! Picture the waves as your playground, and age as just a suggestion; from young to older, everyone’s invited to this watery fiesta.


NOTE: you can do this with waves as small as 1 to 2 feet!


Before we get any further, let’s get to know your new best mate, the bodyboard. Imagine the lovechild of a surfboard, cradling you as you dominate those waves like a true sea cowboy or cowgirl. It’s a sport that embraces you, no matter your skill level. Just lie down and voila, you’re not just doing it, you’re excelling at it!

Now, it doesn’t matter if you’re a sprightly 10-year-old or hitting the age of no more birthdays, bodyboarding is your oyster, offering the chance to be Peter Pan for the day, feeling like a kid again as you splash in the ocean’s puddles. It’s all about harnessing that youthful energy, ignoring the sandcastle-building frustrations and instead, embracing the joy that comes from riding the waves, any way you want to.

So, how do you prepare for this grand bodyboarding carnival? Simple. Grab that high SPF sunblock, slip into those outrageous swim trunks you’ve been saving, and get ready to transform the ocean into your personal fun park. But a fair warning here, this adventure comes with uncontrollable belly laughter and pure, unadulterated fun. It’s not just about flailing in the water – even though that’s totally acceptable and encouraged – but adding a dash of style to your bodyboarding adventure with some stellar moves.

Speaking of moves, let’s talk techniques. We’ve got the classic prone position, where you hug your board like a beloved pillow, except this one speeds along on a wave. For a touch of regality, there’s the drop-knee, a stance that could rival the poise of monarchs. And for the artist in you, the spin adds a touch of ballet to your performance. 

Now, when it comes to gearing up, it’s a balance of safety and style. You have fins that transform you into the ocean’s supercar, sleek and fast, ruling the wave highways. A leash ensures your trusty board is always by your side, ready for the next wave. And let’s not forget the wetsuit or rash guard, the ultimate accessories that guards against hypothermia or board rash or from hitting the sand, while making you look like a sea superhero.

But hey, it’s not just about diving in anywhere. Choosing your wave is an art, a skill combined with a dash of flair. Start with the small, friendly waves, the guppies of the ocean, before moving on to the big waves, the true stallions of the sea that promise the ride of your life.

We love fun, but safety is our number one priority. Ensuring you can swim is vital because, as much as your bodyboard loves you, it’s not a lifeguard. Always have a buddy with you to share the laughter, and remember, treat the ocean with respect, it’s your friend, not a foe. 

So, as our sea saga reaches its thrilling crescendo, we invite you to the jubilant jamboree of bodyboarding. Whether young or just young at heart, the bodyboarding sport awaits to welcome you with open arms and a splashy high-five. It’s not just a sport, it’s a party on the waves, and you, dear friend, are the guest of honor! So grab your gear, adorn yourself with warrior sunblock, and dive into the splashing fun of bodyboarding. The ocean is throwing a party, and you’re the guest of honor. Don’t keep it waiting!


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