The surfer from Santa Teresa, Sebas Schneider, filled the beach of his community with emotions on the last weekend of May, winning the Open category on the third day of the Banco LAFISE 2024 National Surf Circuit, presented by the Social Protection Board.

Many waited for him in the arena to lift him on their shoulders and congratulate the protagonist of the tournament, who enters the race to be the new national champion, by winning the1500 points of the Billabong Pro. Another local who was filled with applause and congratulations was Dencell Reyes, junior world champion winner of the U16 category.

(article and photos by Federación de Surf de Costa Rica)

“Winning at home is one of the best things, it’s the first time I’ve done it and I felt a lot of support and love from everyone, I want to thank everyone. I really enjoyed the moment and didn’t want it to end,” Schneider said.

The women of Limon confirmed their dominance and arrive in the middle of the season with an important advantage. Erika Berra triumphed in Open and Junior U18 for the second time in both categories, while Mikela Castro remains undefeated in U12.

“I’ve always struggled on this beach, but this time I came focused on changing that and I’m super happy to win again this year at Open. I’m very happy because my goal was to be Junior champion and top 4 Open, but I think I’m going to exceed my goals,” Berra said. The Caribbean is the current national junior champion and in March she won a FedeSurfCR Open event for the first time in her career.

The tournament was held in front of the Banana Beach and Atrapasueños hotels in Santa Teresa beach, set a record for participants with more than 140 surfers and demonstrated why it is one of the frequent stops of the CNS by welcoming the athletes with a spectacular atmosphere and weather.

The fourth date of the CNS 2024 will be the RVCA Pro in Playa Hermosa, Jacó, on Saturday, June 15 and Sunday, June 16.

Here are all the champions of the weekend in the Billabong Pro:

Open: Sebas Schneider and Erika Berra

Junior Under 18: Erika Berra and Teo Gale

Boys and Girls Under 16: Dencell Reyes and Lucia Cristi

Mini Grommets Under 12: Mikela Castro and Koa Brayant

SUP Surfing: José Ruiz

Longboard: Victor St. Clair

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