Eliminate Eye Bags And Loose Skin Around The Eyes Without Surgery!

Avatar Lifting Therapy (ALT) is referred to as “soft surgery,” which means it does not involve cutting the skin or stitches. The purpose is to increase the production of collagen in order to dramatically tighten and rejuvenate the skin. 


My procedures offer these amazing advantages: 

  • minimal invasiveness with virtually no pain
  • incredibly fast and lasting beautiful skin rejuvenation results without surgery
  • low cost compared to any other procedures in the industry


I have plenty of evidence for my success with the Avatar effect. The satisfaction rate has been 100%, with all clients being extremely happy with their results. References are available upon request, or just check my Facebook page. 


As with most cosmetic treatments, a strict after-care routine is required to promote proper healing and to help you achieve the maximum results of your treatment. 


Multiple factors affect the aging process. Each person and treated area is different and needs to be determined individually. Our goal is to keep clients informed and meet their expectations. As with most cosmetic treatments, a consultation beforehand with an experienced, trained practitioner is required. I will ensure a customized treatment plan for you. 


As ALT is more than a simple skin tightening treatment, the effects should last as long as they would with invasive surgery. However, like all surgical and cosmetic procedures, the effects of ALT are not entirely permanent as it does not stop any further aging. 


The positive effects will be noticeable immediately after the first treatment. They will continue to improve over the following weeks and should last for many years. Additionally, abstaining from negative lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and prolonged sun exposure can help to maintain your results. 


The number of treatments required will vary according to the area being treated, skin laxity, the desired degree of correction and the individual’s response to the treatment. Most clients see results instantly and the effects continue to improve over the course of the following weeks. Further treatments can be carried out to receive even better results, although it is uncommon to require more than two treatments. Treatments are spaced 10 to 12 weeks apart. 


Experience the results you are looking for with the only cosmetic treatment that uses plasma to eliminate excess skin and with results that keep improving up to 6 months!




  • Skin regeneration 
  • Sagging jawline 
  • Eyelid lift/hooded eyes –
  • Sagging neck/neck lines 
  • Under-eye bags
  • Dark circles 
  • Stretch marks 
  • Crow’s feet 
  • Scars/acne Scars 
  • Forehead/frown lines 
  • Body skin tightening (knees, hands, tummy, elbows) 
  • Lips — smoker’s lines/lip fullness
  • Tattoo lift 
  • Smile lines/folds 
  • Permanent makeup lift 
  • Marionette lines/folds 
  • Sun damage 
  • Melasma (brown patches on face) 
  • Supports active acne
  • Skin imperfection 



  • Anti-aging 
  • Minimal side effects and downtime 
  • Non-Surgical 
  • Quick and easy 
  • Minimally Invasive 
  • Extremely cost effective 
  • No Injections 
  • Immediate visible results 
  • No sedation 
  • Natural


Isabel Brown

Int educator 

Medical aesthetician

PMU artist master  

Avatar Lifting Therapy creator

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