Survival Instinct

Prevails People innovate into the changes.

Costa Rica is powered by tourism. Our outlook here, though international travel remains on hold for the time being, is very positive. The world is waiting to come to Costa Rica. Nothing has changed about this country ranking high on the global list of places people want to visit when they get the chance again.

Changes have been made and reopenings will proceed with caution at first. We are rounding the corner and heading into the time period that we prepare for the year-end holidays and everything that makes our tourism bubble thrive. The “open” light is flickering towards a steady “on” position.

We keep eagerly awaiting every announcement about border openings, with dates being adjusted as the situation evolves. But there is light shining through the darkness.

It still seems so surreal for the borders of countries to actually be closed. I wake up and have to pinch myself to see if it has just been a dream. But no, it is not a dream; it is a reality for all of us. We have all made adjustments to our lives, from limited social contact to living more frugally to preserve limited resources.

Yes, it has been quite an adjustment, while also awakening our survival instinct. I posted a couple months ago a quote by Eric Thomas that is still very relevant: “If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will survive.”

I took this to heart with actions. I have really admired the positive, forward-looking spirit of so many people in recent months who anticipate a bright and exciting future.

When I say “exciting future” it’s because we are in control of our destiny. What we put out is what we get back. Being positive and staying relevant is so important, not only to those we deal with but to our own mental wellness. Being positive is self-perpetuating by allowing us to be creative. Creativity keeps us upbeat and helps us to remain positive. Being positive is important for our survival. I can’t tell you the number of negative videos and news clips that get sent to me, which I don’t even bother to look at. They are energy zappers.

Plan for your bright future. There is no denying it will be somewhat different from the past, but  human beings are adaptable. We are seeing this with innovations and creativity at every corner. Every time there is an issue causing change, a new industry pops up in response. People innovate into the changes. Stagnation and not moving with the times are the killers of industries.

Stay relevant and rebrand yourself with a positive change to stay on the ride. Whatever is around the corner, anticipate it with eagerness. Life is an adventure and not always smooth, but the ups and downs are what make it an adventure. Hiding is only for the game of hide and seek. The seekers make changes and find the way.

Costa Rica’s “open” sign is flickering. Very soon we will see it light up and hold steady.

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