Brand new apartment in “Núcleo Sabana”, a Private Complex in Downtown San José, Costa Rica. The Complex will have apartments, stores, restaurants, offices, etc. It’s a huge long-term project. The apartment is in Tower A that will be finished in October 2022. All the apartments in Tower A are already sold.

The Apartment it’s in the 6th floor and has:

– 1 bedroom

– Integrated living room, kitchen and dining space

– 1 bathroom

– Laundry area

– Balcony with south and south-west view

– 1 under roof parking space

It’s a small Apartment just enough for 1 or 2 persons. Also very suitable for AirBnB and similar options. The Complex will be full of different amenities (please check pictures), so there’s few reasons to leave the complex to accomplish what you need.

I’m selling it for $125k. Since the Apartment will be completed in October 2022, part of that amount is for me and the other part for the Developing Company once it’s finished. So, it’s $101k for them and $24k for me.

I’m also willing to negotiate the $24k amount. There’s also the option of buying the apartment without the parking space. In that case the price will drop to $114k ($90k for them and $24 for me).

The Condominium is in a key area: close to a big natural park, restaurants, hospitals, stores, hotels, roads to go to the beach, etc.

The Developing Company started just recently to sell the apartments from Tower B and the prices have increased significantly. This same Apartment in Tower B has a price of $150k. So, just by buying this Apartment means that you are already gaining some money.

If we reach an agreement, the process is quite easy. The Developing Company requires to do a background check of the new owner. Once everything is confirmed they will help us adding an “Addendum” to the Contract where is stated who is the new owner of the Apartment. And in October 2022 you will need to pay the remaining amount either in cash or with a bank loan.

Feel free to reach me through WhatsApp at +506-8710-9881.



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