Dive into the captivating world of Costa Rica with Howler Magazine’s exclusive ‘Through the Lens’ edition. This unique offering brings together the artistic visions of 16 celebrated photographers, showcasing a curated collection of more than 50 breathtaking images. Explore the rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty of Costa Rica, captured meticulously in high-definition photographs. Don’t miss this chance to experience the nation’s diverse landscapes and traditions like never before.

Answering the call for print editions, we’re excited to present this special issue in a premium, glossy format that elevates each image’s impact. Ideal as a cherished keepsake or a meaningful gift, this tabletop edition is more than just a magazine—it’s a gateway to the unforgettable experiences Costa Rica has to offer. From stunning scenery to fascinating culture, relive the magic or share it with friends and family, ensuring this magazine becomes a timeless topic of conversation.

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